My name is Maddie and I am a lurcher dog – that means that I am a cross sight hound and a pretty fast runner. I have had an interesting and varied life with some struggles to begin with as my first owners didn’t want me anymore, abandoned me and left me to roam the Welsh valleys all alone. I didn’t do this for long though, as somebody spotted and took pity on me so I quickly ended up in a great foster home in Cardiff with other dogs. I was put up for adoption and described as a ‘scruffy lurcher’ which grabbed the attention of a family from Exmouth. They came to see me and decided to take me home there and then so I could become part of their family. 


That was quite a while ago and since then I have had a great life. My owners have two children (one I have to be pretty patient around but he’s a lot of fun) and they take me out every day for great experiences. One of my owners even takes me to work with him so I could meet lots of children and get pampered by the staff there. I really like people, especially young humans who find me calming and relaxing to be around.


I have to admit, I’m a bit of a fussy eater and don’t care much for doggy treats unless it’s something super tasty like a strip of bacon. I like nothing more than going for a walk on the beach or countryside and having a good sniff around. After that I like to take a good, long nap on the sofa. It’s a dog’s life you know!