Esteem Team base

Esteem Team CIC premises are located in Exmouth town centre. This is a fantastic space that we use every day of the week as a safe place to support the children/parents/carers that we work with. We worked very hard to make the base a fun but safe place to meet for 1:1 sessions as well as our group sessions. Our base Moto is "small enough to be safe but big enough to make a difference!"
About our base
Our base is secure and can only be accessed by a key holder (Esteem Team staff) and contains our own private bathroom and toilet.
Our 'primary room' is set out as a play based eduacational room. This is our newest and most used room due to the packages we offer for primary children. Its a safe, fun space to learn through interests. 
Our 'chill room' is a comfy area to relax, play and learn. There are big beanbags, sofas, sensory toys/pillows and there is a huge amount of lego in this room.
Our 'activity room' is full of equipment for arts and craft, cake decorating, wood work and other fun stuff! We have a huge amount of board games which can be great for a sensory break, turn taking and boosting communication and interaction. This room is also painted in a special green to make a green screen wall where we can create our own short stop motion films. We use this room for many reasons, playing, learning, social skills and developing our creativity. This is also the primary room we use for group sessions due to the size and equipment it contains.
Our 'kitchen' has been installed for us to be able to carry out our cooking and baking sessions. The kitchen has everything that we need to teach life skills (including washing up, making your own lunch/drink, learning how to read and use a recipe etc).
Our 'office' is used by our staff and allows us an additional room to do 1:1 tutoring or mentoring and a place to hold parent/carer 1:1 support and Covid-19 safe parent/carer support groups. We also use this room for our parent/carer support sessions. 
Our 'sensory room' has sensory equipment to use throughout the day to allow each child/young person to have a sensory break or just to have some down time. This room also has additional space to carry out 1:1 sessions.
Just outside the sensory room is our own Lego wall. 
Here are just a few photos from within our base so you can see some of the fun we get up to
(consent given by parents/carers/child/young person)

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