Family support 

We offer professional, informed and confidential support to navigate the journey and ‘system’. It is important that you and your child have the right support but the endless forms to complete, meetings to attend, long waits for assessments or treatment and extra pressures at home can leave families feeling worn out, overwhelmed, stressed and alone. 


Our experience is that when parents and carers are empowered and well supported, they have a better capacity to manage and advocate for their child/young person’s additional needs. 


Support looks different for each family but it may include help with form filling and making referrals, access to Early Help, attending meetings, looking at financial support (such as Disability Living Allowance) or providing extra knowledge and information. 


We can listen and be alongside you as you find your way through the maze of services. Sometimes, just talking to someone who “gets it” can be enough…and we also offer regular Parent Carer meet ups for that reason! 


Family Support can be offered through 1:1 and group face to face sessions (if gov guidance re Covid-19 allows), by phone or online. 

We run a weekly parent/carer support group (please see the poster below for details) but please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any changes/updates to the group: