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Hi, I'm Kim. I am the Manager of Esteem Team and an Enabler, Mentor, Key worker and Administrator too.


I love the opportunities to come alongside each child/young person to learn their character, interests and hopes. I am always child led and seek to help them grow one step at a time, with support and encouragement. I understand that each child is different and therefore may need more or less time than others so I always work with the child and their family to make sure my support is always at the appropriate level of engagement. It is very important to understand and to know each individual child/young person, to be able to support them in the best way.

I also worked at the Open Door Haven project supporting children with their emotional wellbeing and being a part of the children growing in confidence and self esteem as well as watching their resilience grow is a real privilege. 

I have family members and friends who are neurodivergent so I understand the common misconceptions and challenges that this can bring, which motivates me to keep up to date with the latest research, training and insight to help me be the best I can be for the children/young people I work with.

As I am the Esteem Team Administrator and Manager, you may see my name CC'd into emails on occasions. 

I love admin, Pokemon, films, music, board games, bowling and playing on my Switch.

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