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Hi.  My name’s Tor (short for Victoria), and I’ve been working in education for 30 years.  Working at Esteem Team is a dream come true for me!  

I’m really lucky because through teaching, I have been able to work in a whole range of places and with lots of age groups from early years right through to A level.  I was a primary school teacher in Africa for 2 years, have taught in local primary schools, worked with lots of secondary school learners, and have experience of one to one mentoring in adult literacy sessions. 

My most recent job has been teaching Geography in a secondary school.  At school I also took on the role of class tutor, individual student mentor, and Travel & Tourism lead.  My passion is to work with any children or young people, to inspire them with a joy of learning in their own individual way and to inspire their curiosity about the world around us. 


Children and young people are the future curators of the planet, so exploring our environment and talking about how it all works is vital if it is going to be well looked-after! I love nothing better than a good walk along the beach, exploring the countryside, or just having a jolly good chat!

As a mother of 5 children, I have loads of parenting experience, and love it when our house has lots of people in it. There is so much we can all learn from each other, so to be able to work alongside children and young people from different backgrounds, with a wide range of different needs, interests, skills, talents and abilities is an absolute privilege.  


Children and young people have an awful lot to teach us oldies, as well as the other way around! Meeting and working with youngsters is really for me what it’s all about!

As well as teaching and parenting , I love my gardening time (I grow flowers to give to people), I go to the gym, love belly-boarding and sunshine, I can dance badly, enjoy having lots of fun, and have a range terrible jokes. I can juggle and skateboard, but would love to be able to ride a unicycle. We have 2 cats (Tommy and Pepper) and 5 ducks (Dice, Fuzzy, Coal, Lazarus and TinTin ). We have a little field with lots of trees, sheds, a slack-line (that I cannot do), a trampoline and a tree house, so there’s a lot to keep me busy!

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