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With 18 years teaching experience in Primary Schools, I have built up a strong and effective teaching style that centres around positive relationships and a shared love of learning.

I’ve worked with children who have a variety of additional needs throughout my career and am not only happy to tailor the curriculum to fit the individual- I positively encourage it! 


In my various roles, including Assistant Headteacher, I have developed an exciting Storytelling approach to learning which I have found really engages the children whilst still meeting the demands of the curriculum- in other words: they make great progress AND have great fun!


I now have my own education consultancy business helping schools across the country develop their approach to teaching and learning.


I’m delighted to be part of the wonderful Esteem Team as I believe in what they do: helping young people develop skills and apply knowledge that will broaden their horizons and equip them for positive futures. 


I live in Exmouth with my partner and our two children. I also have a grown up son studying in Bristol, which makes me feel very old! I love music, comedy, films and football and I have a black belt in karate. I also have a grown up son living in Bristol who makes music. 

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