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Here are some reviews from children/young people we work alongside and both previous and current parents/young people

I simply cannot recommend Esteem Team CIC highly enough! They’ve supported me and my two autistic children for about 3 years. They aren’t just an enabling service. They support me in meetings, advocate for me with the GP and other professionals, fill in forms and you can tell the staff genuinely care about my children. They are all so adaptable and will change plans based on my child’s needs in that moment. Jenna and Kim entered our lives when I was in a dark place and pulled me out.

I simply cannot recommend Esteem Team CIC highly enough! They’ve supported me and my two autistic children for about 3 years. They aren’t just an enabling service. They support me in meetings, advocate for me with the GP and other professionals, fill in forms and you can tell the staff genuinely care about my children. They are all so adaptable and will change plans based on my child’s needs in that moment. Jenna and Kim entered our lives when I was in a dark place and pulled me out.

As SENCO at St Joseph’s Primary School. I am passionate about helping children to thrive and breaking down their barriers to learning. Linking with Esteem has had huge benefits to our staff, families and children. Working in partnership with us, Esteem have given our children, who find the perimeters of mainstream a challenge, the chance to spread their wings. Esteem are fantastic at working in collaboration with us to meet the needs of the learners. 

Many children have benefited hugely from the staff’s personalised learning and bespoke approaches. We signpost many families to Parent Catch for support and I have been incredibly touched by how much the staff go above and beyond to help. 

Esteem understand that our SEND children have amazing minds. Recently our children took part in a STEM project with them which was a great success. 


Thank you for the opportunities you give us and for always being on the end of the phone to help me make children’s lives better. I look forward to continuing to work in collaboration with you. 

Esteem Team work not only wonders with my two boys, they have been amazing help and support to the family as a whole! They’ve been very knowledgeable, professional and supported me fully in meetings where I’ve felt vulnerable. Can’t recommend enough!

Esteem team are the best, I think they actually know my child better than me at times , that’s how in tune with them they are!! They help me with unbelievable amounts and always do it with a smile and warm welcome. I would never use anyone else. Well done esteem team

'My daughter has been supported by Jenna at Esteem Team throughout her struggles with ASD and anxiety. Jenna has built up a trusting relationship with my daughter and as a result has helped her to achieve things which I didn’t think were possible.  

I cannot recommend highly enough Esteem Team.'

I hardly ever leave recommendations but the Esteem teams work and advice has been a life changer for us. They have listened and understood my son when he felt that his voice wasn’t being heard. It calmed him down when he felt incredibly anxious and I was unsure how to help him after trying lots of approaches. They also patiently gave me lots of advice and details suggesting how we could proceed. A Big thank-you to the Esteem team!!

We have used the esteem team this summer term for our daughter who is just starting ECC and starting the initial process of asd diagnosis she was worried about starting a new school and how she wouldn't fit in socially as struggled with bullying in yr 5 and 6 becsuse of different likes and interests to other girls in the class.


We found the whole team to be really supportive and understanding, she has really enjoyed the cake making sessions and was by the end using positive language and statements  whereas before we had lots of negativity about not liking stereotypical girl activities such as hair, makeup, clothes and her own physical appearance.


'I am going to be more confident today and talk to people' 

'how to I start a conversation with somebody???' 

'i like anime and manga and it's ok because that's me'

She is beginning to recognise the differences between her and others but the esteem team are encouraging and celebrating her differences with her :) 


During September I have been offered mentoring for her as she settled into secondary school with a member of the team she has lots in common with and she opens up and tells her about her day at school.


Thank you esteem team :) 




We are very grateful for everyone's hard work and dedication to support ***** to attend the 'Summer Groups' and we are very happy support any application for future groups.

As a parent it has been heart breaking to watch a very sociable boy struggle with his PDA diagnosis and the social skills needed to thrive . He has regularly cried when his school friends have parties and get together and he was not invited.  Then as his behaviour at school became more challenging those friends disappeared. **** regularly asks for help to make friends but his struggles to manage in busy environments and communicate his needs meant his social life was non-existent. 

Thanks to the 'Summer Groups' set up by Esteen Team **** has been able to join a group of children his own age and make new friends. It was amazing to watch the nervous boy shuffle into the group on the first week and then as the weeks progressed, watch him chat happily to his new friends as he left each week. **** needs lots of support and incentives to leave the house usually but during the 'Summer Groups' he was up, dressed and ready weekly without any negotiations or incentives. When I reminded him, it was the last week, he replied I wouldn't mind doing more. These groups have been the most successful activity **** has participated in over the last four years. We have really seen a huge growth in his confidence over the last six weeks and would love for him to be able to build on this by attending future groups.  As a family we have benefitted greatly from the opportunity to spend some time with **** sibling, knowing he was in a safe environment.

Thank you to everyone who made the 'Summer Groups' possible, we are very grateful that he had this fantastic opportunity and we have definitely seen the impact his success has had on his self-esteem.

Recently I’ve had help and support from Vicky at the Esteem Team. She was the perfect balance of kind and understanding, but professional and informative.

Thanks Vicky & Team




'I would be totally and utterly lost without Esteem Team. I find myself speechless with the service we receive from them.

The esteem team arts and crafts group was a great opportunity for our child. He has struggled in the past to find clubs out of school that are suitable and keep him interested. Our child really enjoyed his weekly visit and being with the other children. It was nice to know he was happy and well cared for and allowed him an opportunity tp get out of the house. It also gave his sibling a chance to have some 1:1 time with his parents, which is often very hard to do. Thank you so much for providing the club and we look forward to any more in the future. 

**** and **** both really enjoyed their experience with Lego club, it gave them an opportunity to socialise in a way that was manageable for them and didn’t raise their anxiety. They were both able to discuss what they had done afterwards which was a lovely experience for me as they are often unable to share about their time away from the home. 

School holidays can be very isolating for both my boys and it was so lovely for them to be able to experience social experiences that felt safe to them.

As a family it was very important for us that they were able to have a positive social experience together as this is hard to manage with just them, I could see this impacting on the way they were able to interact at home.

It also gave them the chance to have something to look forward to each week.




***** really looked forward to his Lego Club sessions in the summer holidays and came out of each one full of chat about the lovely time he had. For a boy who struggles socially and often finds himself isolated from other children, it has been a safe way for him to meet them in a safe environment. He still talks of them now. So thank you very much.

We were thrilled that **** had an opportunity to engage in arts and crafts in a safe and supported environment throughout the summer, in a small group among her peers. **** did struggle somewhat with her anxiety, but Liz and Alison were so kind and patient with her, that every session was a positive and relaxed experience. 

Thank you so much,

Thank you to Esteem Team for all of the support they have given me and my family. We would have been lost without their help and guidance. Thank you




Esteem Team have made a huge difference to our family. The support received has been 1st class, and I feel empowered, as a parent, since attending the weekly CATCH group




Seeing Esteem changes how I live life. I’m more social, confident, independent and I have learnt new skills. Learning the ways of enjoying things and having fun. 

*** really enjoyed coming to the groups as he made some new friends and he found it nice to be out and about with new people. If you do get another grant he would love to come.

My child finally has a setting where he is happy, confidant and learning!!! His self esteem has improved, his anxiety around leaving the house is much better and he is trusting other adults other than just me! He has made friends too.

Definitely would recommend this incredible team of wonderful adults who support the young people and families of this town so well! Their work is so personal and tailored to the individuals needs, there isn’t anything else like it!

My wife and I would like to thank Esteem Team for everything they have done for and given our family in and out of lockdown.

Our daughter has gained so much confidence and self-esteem from attending the young carers group where she was able to meet other young carers around her age and feel supported and accepted.

Our son absolutely loved lego group where he was encouraged to be himself, have his needs understood and met and where he was able meet peers with similar interests outside of school.

As a SEN family it can be lonely, overwhelming and we can be misunderstood. We couldn't be more grateful for the services that Jenna works hard to provide, we really really do appreciate it, it means the world to us, so thank you.

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