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I love hanging out with young people and getting to know them as the wonderful individuals that they are. My approach is to listen, understand and validate their unique character, gifts and attributes, wherever they are right now. Along the way, we work together to recognise self-affirming thinking and choices—and have a few laughs at life as we go.


The approaches I use are a combination of coaching, mentoring and Internal Family Systems (IFS).


Coaching and mentoring both involve walking alongside a young person as they navigate their way through their own unique circumstances. They create a safe space to process thoughts and feelings, and open up new options in deciding how to move forward.


Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an approach to understanding parts of us that make us do things we wish we didn’t do, which gradually allows those behaviours to ease back. Examples might be health related behaviours, eating issues, procrastination or avoidance, over-vigilance, friendship challenges, low self-esteem, anxiety or addiction.


I’m a certified Life Coach, Internal Family Systems Practitioner and, alongside my work with the Esteem Team, I help people who're struggling with binge eating (find out more at


Some of my favourite things are coffee, conversation and smiles, walks by the sea, and my kitten. Oh, and my husband and two kiddos ;-) 

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