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It is an absolute privilege spending time with young people and getting to know them as the wonderful individuals that they are. My approach is to listen, understand and validate their unique character, gifts and attributes at whatever place each is in the moment, thus encouraging positive, self-affirming thinking and choices. And have some laughs along the way!


Coaching is a very powerful tool to help people move forward in their lives.  I am a certified Life Coach and use a causal model to focus on what lies beneath feelings, behaviours or results that are painful.  Together, we find new ways of interpretation or thinking that best serve the young person, and experiment with different tools that may help them.


Within Exmouth Community College, I have been involved in 1:1 mentoring and group sessions focussing on developing self-worth, coping strategies and increasing resilience to the curve balls that life throws at all of us. I have worked alongside Jenna at the Haven project, supporting children with mental health and wellbeing. I have a first class degree in psychology and continue to take courses to access more practical tools and further extend my knowledge.


To me the most wonderful outcome is when a young person begins to recognise their own value as a complex, interesting, messy, precious human, and to figure out ways to cope and thrive – to understand that we’re all moving along this sometimes confusing & challenging life journey together, trying to figure it out as best we can and hopefully supporting each other along the way.


I love coffee, walking by the sea, conversation and smiles! 

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