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As Esteem Team CIC Managing Director I am passionate about supporting children and young people to live life to the full. I have worked in youth work for over 18 years and supported hundreds of young people with a range of complex needs as well as those trying to journey through difficult circumstances.


I have a degree in child and youth work and have attended many training courses including; PDA, Challenging behaviour, Social skills & autism, self harm, mental health first aid, suicide awareness, Level 4 in awareness of mental health problems, child and adolescents counselling skills, Lego therapy and I have just finished an art therapy diploma. 

I have worked in previous settings supporting children and young people's mental health and wanted to create a service that was local, accessible and tailored to a child's needs not based one particular model/service, I was fortunate to have friends and family who believed in me and my vision and so  Esteem Team CIC was born.

I am also a parent to a child with additional needs and so understand how hard that journey is and the lack of support services available. Each child is so unique and their needs can vary greatly so it is important to me that Esteem team services and staff reflect this. 

I am proud that we have diverse team and that we have real empathy and can celebrate the spectrum of all our brains because it is important we represent the families we are working with.

I am so proud of Esteem Team CIC, it's staff, it's ethos and it's families.

I also love my boys, donuts and M&M's :-)

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