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Hello. I am Julia. I have joined Esteem Team from a hotch potch mixture of living in Nottingham  and  teaching in big comprehensive schools before moving to rural Devon...and doing lots of different  stuff while my son has been growing up.  In Nottingham I taught English for 15 years from primary to Oxbridge level which I really enjoyed. My last job was  setting up a unit within a big secondary school for youngsters struggling to engage in the mainstream setting. I loved it and loved them and am forever grateful for all we learned together. Mostly what I learned from the youngsters.


In Devon I am found near the sea, in the sea or on the moors if given half a chance. I am good at losing things, especially purses, car keys and swimming costumes after a dip in the sea. I am bad at housework, cooking and being organised.  I love thinking, watching and  listening. I love laughing with others   and finding ways of doing funny little things with them which may not seem important but turn out special. I also love music, poetry, maps, chocolate buttons, my friends, and Billy: my son's miniature pony. He climbs up the back steps, opens the door and pops  into the house to join us.  I want young people at Esteem team to feel as eager to climb the steps, open the door and spend time with us as Billy is.  Assured of their uniqueness and a safe, warm welcome  to explore  this and learn  with us.  As we learn with them. 

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