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I am passionate about art and wellbeing!

I have always been interested in how creativity can improve our wellbeing, having experienced first-hand an improvement in my own mental health when I began painting again following a diagnosis of depression.

Art is now my full-time job, as well as exhibiting and selling my own artwork I also worked as a Creative Minds artist, running art sessions in the community that focus on the therapeutic benefits of creativity.

I work with many vulnerable members of society and love seeing them empowered and given back their self-esteem – I wholeheartedly believe that creating art can achieve this.

I have 11 years’ experience of working with children and young people, and currently run a weekly art session with the children who attend Haven, a mental health support group at the Open Door Centre.

I have A’ level’s in Psychology and Art and Design, and a degree in Communications Studies. I have also been trained in mental health first aid and am fully trained by Creative Minds to deliver art sessions that are accessible and empowering to all. I love working with children and young people and seeing their self confidence and self esteem grow as they explore their creativity. My focus is always on the enjoyment of the creative process and not the outcome, which is so important in today’s outcome driven society.

I am a Mum to a teenage boy, and love spending time with him and my husband watching superhero films. I also love walking with my dog at the beach, drinking coffee with friends, eating chocolate and shopping in charity shops.

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