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1:1 Mentoring & Coaching

This service is about empowering, equipping, enabling and supporting a child/young person.

Mentoring sessions aim to empower, enable and equip them to thrive. To allow opportunities for their communication and interaction skills to develop as well as to support them to access their community by modelling and rehearsing common life skill scenarios such as travel training, turn taking and shopping.

We can also use the Autism Education framework as a guide for sessions to be outcome filled and an

enriching experience for the child to grow in confidence and self esteem (if appropriate).

Mentoring can support them to access their education through small manageable steps with support rather

increasing avoidant behaviour, (gradual exposure therapy techniques.)

Sessions model good healthy coping strategies (incidental and purposeful) for children to

feel safe and supported, to be honest and vulnerable with their thoughts and feelings and a safe

space to be “heard and valued.”

Mentoring feels like journeying alongside a child/young person, rather than “doing to”

it is an opportunity to share, grow and learn together to help them feel supported in their

choices and explore their thoughts, feelings, emotions and life events.

Mentoring sessions can also be used to advocate for the child's needs and communicate on their behalf when needed eg too anxious to speak in a meeting so together the mentor can gather and share their views. (See advocacy for more info)

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