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Hi, I'm Nic. I have extensive experience in both teaching and leadership in a variety of both urban and rural primary school settings. Throughout my career I have worked with young people with varying specific needs and I bring an adaptable approach to learning which is delivered through preferred learning styles. 


My skills are varied and diverse but I am passionate and very knowledgeable about the teaching of the visual arts, design/technology, physical education and learning through the outdoors. My background in primary education also gives me a great insight into all areas of the curriculum and the breadth of learning that is needed to support a child or young person in becoming a rounded individual. At the heart of my approach is creativity, establishing positive esteem within the learner, the willingness to have a go, formulating trusted relationships which all help to support the young people I am working with. I love physical activity and the various benefits that this can have for both physical and mental health – I’m not one for sitting still for too long and getting out and about and having a go is really important for building and enhancing confidence. 


I have worked with a very diverse range of professionals within my career who have supported the young people in my care and I appreciate the processes, intensity, pressures, frustrations as well as the special pleasures that families who have a child with additional needs experience. I have faced these challenges myself as a parent of a child who has medical, physical and developmental needs. This means I can really empathise with parent/carers and the journey they are on with their child.


My friendly, patient, caring and enthusiastic persona has always served me well with children and young people and helped me get the best out of them. 


On a personal level I practice as an artist, I am a paddle board instructor, a windsurfer, love swimming, a very experienced cyclist (both on and off road) and I love a good stomp in the great outdoors. I have travelled extensively around the world, toured France by bike on many occasions, undertaken long distance charity rides and am a fan of spicy food. I love music of all sorts and play the guitar, didgeridoo and bodrun (Irish folk drum). To unwind at the end of an energetic day, there is nothing better curling up with my family on the sofa and watching a good film together.

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