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Hello, I’m Nicki. I have many years of experience, both professional and personal, with special educational needs and neurological disabilities. I have enjoyed working as a family support practitioner within children’s centres, as well as holiday play schemes.

My training has been wide and varied. Having originally trained as a primary school teacher. I went on to train in family support, with a specific interest in supporting children with additional needs and their families on an individual and group basis. I have qualified as a thrive practitioner, as well as completed courses in parenting (Sollihull Parenting and Incredible Years), Autism, Sensory Processing, PDA, Children’s mental health and language and communication. I have also previously trained in baby massage. This allows me to use these skills and experiences in my work with Esteem Team.

I am also a Mum to 2 children, one of whom has autism and a language disorder and another, who is going through the process of being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. I am fully aware of the pressures of looking after children with additional needs, as well as the pure delight they bring to our lives. Every child is different, so I aim to get to know them and build a trusting relationship as soon as possible, focussing on their interests, as well as learning from their parents/carers, who know them best of all.

I have a dog called Lucky. She is a Jug (Pug/Jack Russell Cross) and absolutely loves cuddles and walks in the countryside. My daughter has a rabbit (Lottie), who lives in her bedroom and I have a cat called Abby.

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