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Hi my name is Ollie, I have been working with young people for the last couple of years. I have ADHD and found school really challenging. I want to help other young people thrive at life and not just ‘exist’. I have learnt some really helpful strategies to manage my ADHD and hopefully I can model and support young people to find their coping strategies too.

Previously I have been working for a youth service providing mentoring, 1:1 support and group sessions as well as being part of the youth work team at larger youth club settings.

I love mountain biking, rugby, Netflix and playing Fall Guys, Minecraft and Roblox.

I like to have fun and be creative during my sessions because I understand that we learn most when we are relaxed and happy. I am one of the youngest Esteem Team members so have lots of energy and new ideas!


I have a bit of a Birmingham accent because I used to live there but now I live in beautiful Exmouth! I have family members who are autistic so have some lived experience as well as professional experience of neurodivergent people (including my awesome ADHD brain!) I love seeing the awesome ideas and thoughts that come from other neruodiverse young people.


I love that Esteem Team is made up of neurodivergent and neurotypical people and my ADHD is celebrated as a strength not a weakness.

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