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I am super proud to have been part of Esteem Team for nearly two years now. Over the last 20 years I have also taught in a variety of different primary schools gaining a wealth of experience, I have also worked as a mental health lead teacher. I have seen first hand the stresses and strains that school can inadvertently place upon our children despite even the best of intentions and I’m passionate about making education and positive mental health accessible for all. I believe strongly that relationship and connection is key and I have a strong nurturing ethos where I love to get to know each child as the unique individual that they are. I love learning about children's interests and sharing in them using them as a vehicle to promote relationships, relieve anxiety and support learning. I have experience of working with children with a PDA profile and those with attention differences like ADHD as well as supporting complex sensory needs to allow a child to engage and thrive. I have completed extensive training within these areas and have a huge personal interest in neurodiversity where I strive to ensure my knowledge is current and continually updated.



My own family experience has led me to appreciate that getting your child the support they need can be difficult and overwhelming. I always look forward to getting to know the families that work with us at Esteem Team and appreciate that their knowledge of their child is second to none. 


I live in a busy house with my two teenage boys and my husband. I love cats (as you can see from my photo!) and I have three of them called Mabel, Jimmy and Dave. I also have two crazy but adorable dogs called Agnes and Martha and a dalmation crested gecko called Monty who is beautiful. 


I LOVE to spend time doing anything creative particularly textile art/painting, baking lots of treats, family time in the countryside and at the beach, travelling, camper vanning and watching movies. 

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