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Skye and Maisie


Maisie is a Sprollie and she is a great dog. She is kind and patient and gives gentle cuddles. She loves surfing, swimming and chasing balls. She has one blue eye and one brown eye which makes her even more special. She used to run for miles and miles but now she is 9 she goes a bit slower. Everyone who meets Maisie says they would like to take her home with them. 


Skye was born in Feb 2020 so is still learning how humans like dogs to behave! She’s a Welsh Collie and is the fastest runner we know. She will do anything for a ball or her squeaky donut. Her favourite walks are across the common or on the beach where she can stretch her legs and RUN! Skye loves all humans and especially loves to play with children. Skye also loves to paddleboard board 

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