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Hello, I'm Vicki. I have many years worth of experience, both professional and personal, with special educational needs and neurodivergent people. I have worked as a support worker and loved every moment of it. I have also volunteered at a mental health project from children and young people as a support worker and was inspired to continue working in this area.


 I have been on many short and long courses for Autism, ADHD, Sensory processing, PDA, challenging behaviour, language & communication, makaton & visual aids. This allows me to use current skills and experiences within my role at Esteem Team. 


I am also a mum to 3 beautiful neurodivergent children.  

I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from our own family, other families and professionals. I understand how difficult and frustrating the processes and lack of services available are. I am also very passionate about siblings needs, I am aware of how lonely and stressful it can be. 

I have two dogs. One called Buffy who is 2 years old and is a Golden Lab and one called Bella who is 5 years old and she is a Chalkie.

I also have a rabbit called Albus (after Albus Dumbledore as I love Harry Potter!)


It is a privilege to be enabling and empowering children in a world which is often not designed for their neurotype.


I love working for Esteem!

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