Who are Esteem Team?

Esteem Team is made up of a range of professionals who care about children's mental health. We want children to thrive and not just exist. We want to create a safe supported environment to allow them the chance to grow and reach their full potential. We are passionate about empowering, enabling and equipping children so that whatever bumps in the road they face they have their emotional strength, the coping strategies and the support network to succeed

What can Esteem Team do for you?

We believe that every child, young person and family are different. A 'one size fits all' approach doesn't always work, so we work with you to offer a bespoke package that best fits what you and your family needs. Below are just some of the services that we offer. 

This service is about enabling children and young people to take part in activities that they may find challenging to do independently.  

This popular service allows  a child/ young person the opportunity to learn coping strategies alongside a trusted adult whilst boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Home school & EOTAS

EOTAS (Education Other Than At School) is a package that Esteem Team can provide tailored to your child's EHCP. As alternative education providers we have qualified teachers and mentors who can tailor the curriculum to your child's interests and needs.

If you have chosen to home educate your child you can also access our bespoke teaching services and pick and chose from the subjects we have on offer or create a unique learning programme around your child's interests.

1:1 Mentoring & Coaching

This  service is about empowering, equipping, enabling and supporting a child/ young person.

Working 1:1 modelling and rehearsing healthy coping strategies and supporting them to better understand their emotional wellbeing. A safe space to be heard and feel valued whilst exploring their thoughts, feelings, emotions and life events.

Family support

We offer professional and confidential support with form filling, enquiries, general parent/carer support and more.


We also offer parent/carer support groups too including sign posting, training options and just having someone to listen and support your family. 


Speech + language


Horse therapy


We offer this respite service for children/young people who may have additional needs, who struggle with their mental health or for young carers. The content of these sessions are designed around each individual child/young person. 

Dog intervention

Learning about animal care whilst walking, exercising and talking.

This fantastic and popular opportunity for mentoring alongside an animal enables the child/young person a safe space to talk whilst taking away the social pressures of eye contact and face to face communication. This is a great way to build a child/young persons self esteem and confidence. 

Speech and language


Our speech and language service offers support in school, home and with the wider family through a tailored bespoke support.

Our fully qualified Speech and Language therapist is highly experienced and can tailor the support to your individual child.

Please message us for me details on this service. 



This service helps children and young people 'have their voice heard' by taking away the pressure and anxiety of communicating them in meetings or with "strange" adults. We can get their opinions, thoughts and feelings in a safe supportive environment and share them in written format or personally with meeting . 

Music and singing

We offer a selection of music sessions to help develop skills around a specific instrument. This session works well on its own or alongside singing lessons. 


We offer photography sessions to children/young people with any level of experience in the subject. We also offer digital art lessons using an iPad and a digital art pen.

Online gaming and mentoring

Our online gaming sessions are brilliant if your child/young person struggles with face to face conversation, trusting an adult or making friends/socialising. 

Horse intervention

Our horse sessions are very popular. These sessions are a great way to lower anxiety whilst learning how to look after and care for a horse. 

art session

Lego Therapy

This service offers play based sessions to help those who struggle to 'talk' about their feelings. A low pressured 1:1 session to work through any emotions, struggles, thoughts and more whilst playing with Lego and improving their fine motor skills, creativity, turn taking and patience. (The traditional "lego therapy" model can also be requested.)

Social sessions

We offer a selection of group sessions to develop social skills and to help create and manage friendships alongside a trusted adult in a safe environment. These sessions have been extremely popular and are created around particular specialist interests. The groups have a maximum of 6 children in with 2 staff. 

Learn how to bake and cook alongside one of our team. We journey with the child/young person to help develop their cooking skills and life skills around the kitchen. We also offer general life skills sessions such as how to use a washing machine, how to wash, dry and put away dishes, how to make your own lunch/drinks and more. 

Design and Technology

Creating a project and seeing it through from beginning to end whilst learning important life skills. These sessions aim to build on your child/young person's self-esteem and confidence as well as allowing them to be creative and hands on to create and finish a project.  

Cooking and life skills

Healthy Relationships

Providing education around healthy relationships, family, friends, social skills and personal boundaries.

These sessions can also include age appropriate sex education 1:1 or within a small group. We also offer parent/carer support and advice on how to answer questions your child/young person might have. 

Oral health


An advocacy service to support and enable visits to dental services and to take the stress out of visiting the dentist. This service has been very popular and successful and has enabled children/young people to access the dentist where this hadn't previously been an option due to their anxieties around the dentist. 

Art sessions

Allowing the child an alternative way to express and explore their emotions as well as letting them grow and explore their creativity.

All materials are provided within this session. These sessions can take place 1:1 or in a small group to also support communication skills and turn taking. These sessions allow a child/young person's self confidence and art skills to be nurtured. 

yoga and mindfulness

A great coping strategy to empower children to self soothe and self regulate their emotions. These sessions are offered on 1:1 basis, a child/young person with their parent/carer or family sessions are available.

Wellbeing Community garden 

This project is for children and young people who struggle with their mental health or who have additional needs. They can come to a safe and supported outside space, learn to grow vegetables and have mentoring or a quiet space to reflect. We also use the garden to support parent/carers outside in a Covid safe and friendly way through weekly group meetings.

Water sports

We offer a selection of water sports to help a child/young person develop a skill alongside a trusted and safe adult. These allow a child/young person to build their self esteem and improve their emotional wellbeing. Some of the sessions we offer are Paddle boardingKayaking, wind surfing and more. 

Cycling and physical activity

These sessions are proven to improve a child/young person's mental health as well as promoting a healthy living. 

We offer a selection of physical sessions including sports sessions, cycling sessions (including how to ride a bicycle, bicycle projects, tandem bicycling rinding, solo bicycle riding etc), PE sessions, walking/hiking, Geocaching sessions and more.

We know that some children/young people thrive on being outdoors. These sessions will allow your child/young person to grow and develop life skills alongside a trusted adult. This way of learning outdoors is proven to build a child/young person's self esteem and improve their mental health we use the beach, the meadow, woodlands and lots of our beautiful community.

Outdoor education

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