During Coronavirus, Esteem Team are still working with families to try and help and support in the best way that we can during these difficult and unusual times. Please contact us if you would like more information regarding any of our services.

What can Esteem Team do for you?

We believe that every child, young person and family are different. A 'one size fits all' approach doesn't work, so we work with you to offer a bespoke package that best fits what you and your family needs. Here are some of the services that we offer.

1:1 Mentoring & Coaching

This  service is about empowering, equipping, enabling and supporting a young person.

This service is about enabling children and young people to access things they may find challenging and working alongside them to build life skills and indpendance.

We offer this respite service for children/young people who have additional needs, who struggle with their mental health or for young carers. 

Training & 


Practical top tips, information sharing and signposting


Respite Extra

Home School


We can offer support for home schooled children to explore their emotions, personal skills and build up their life skills and independence.

We also offer successful alternative provision for children who are struggling within their current setting. We deliver education other than at school packages (EOTAS).

Lego Therapy

This service offers play based sessions to help those who struggle to 'talk' about their feelings.

This service offers support in school, home and with the wider family through a tailored bespoke support.

Speech and language




This service helps children and young people 'have their voice heard' by taking away the pressure and anxiety around their opinions and needs/wants

Healthy Relationships

Providing education around healthy relationships, family, friends, social skills and personal boundaries.

Can also include age appropriate sex education.

Oral health


An advocacy service to support and enable visits to dental services and to take the stress out of visiting the dentist.

Allowing the child an alternative way to express and explore their emotions as well as letting them grow/explore their creativity.

All materials provided.

yoga and mindfulness

A great coping strategy to empower children to self soothe and regulate their emotions. 1:1, child & parent or family sessions available.

art session

Dog therapy

Learning about animal care whilst walking, exercising and talking.

This is fantastic and popular opportunity for mentoring alongside the child/young person

Group sessions


We offer a selection of group sessions to develop social skills and to help create and manage friendships. 

Learn how to bake and cook alongside one of our team. We journey with the child/young person to help develop their cooking skills and life skills around the kitchen.

Design and Technology

Creating a project and seeing it through from beginning to end. 

Cooking and life skills

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